Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poor Baby Jett

But score for the new house, who needs a name, hmm....

I went to Target Thursday to buy a wedding present for one of the weddings we are going to today and couldn't help but do my usual browsing for myself of course...

A few weeks ago I scored on some leather bar stools for only $13 each so I knew they've been allowing me to afford clearancing their items pretty well. You have to know how to walk the walk at Target and I definitely have walked that walk a time or two.

As I was looking for a wedding present furniture for us, I spotted the PERFECT bookshelf to go in our new kitchen. What what what red clearance sticker??? WHAT? $17 marked down from $69.99? GET IN MY BASKET!!
The box for this was bigger than my basket, but I managed, all by myself. You see, I couldn't call AOK, he's forbidden me to buy anything right now until we move in because we are running out of room to put stuff. He keeps telling me to wait until we are in the house, but all I hear is blah blah blah!

I round the corner and WAIT what was that?? A TV Stand to match?? RED STICKER ALERT, RED STICKER ALERT! $45.99 marked down from $199.99? GET IN MY BASKET!! Oh wait, there's no more room in my basket because of the END TABLES that match too RED STICKERED to $21.99 from $89.99.

Oh, excuse me sir, Mr. Target worker, could you please help me? I want to buy all this and it won't fit in my basket. Sure no problem, he says, what kind of car do you drive, I will help you bring it out.

Oh, yeah, about that, I drive a Jetta (affectionately called Baby Jett by me and those that love her). But she's empty and we can lay her seats down!

Oh yea, we made it work...
There is also a box of an End Table in the front seat...

AOK is going to KILL me, but I was absolutely NOT going to call him to come load this up, especially since it was forbidden fruit.

We are basically starting from scratch on furniture, which is fun, but expensive at the same time. Can't wait to show you guys the house and our plans for it. I'll introduce you to it over the next few posts.

In the meantime, any furniture scores for you guys? Anyone have a suggestion for a house name? I'm all about naming stuff!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Affair

I of course woke up extra early this morning to take part in history. I laughed, cried, and just felt so happy for the new royal couple. Here are some of my fave pictures from the event.

Here comes the McQueen: Holy cow the dress was breathtaking. I loved that it wasn't too over the top but still royal. Kate definitely stuck to who she was even as a royal bride. She looks like she's giving a thumbs up saying "Let's do this!" with an appropriate British accent of course!

"You Look Beautiful": This was my favorite part of the event. Will looks at his bride and can't help but comment on her beauty, you can see that she is just beaming. I hope all brides get this moment.

Just Married!: They both look like they've just won the lottery.

"Kiss, Kiss!": I love this picture because you can just see the happiness the two of them feel.
Melts my heart...

AOK and me have two weddings to attend tomorrow. We are looking forward to them both. When I went to an event planning conference in January they taught me to find inspiration for color, theme, etc., all over the place. This royal wedding and the weddings this weekend, I'm sure, will inspire me in some way! Tomorrow I have an amazing score to share with you guys! Have a royally happy Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome Little Bloggie

Well, we did it! On April 15, 2011 we bought our very own home for the first time. To say we are in love with the house is an understatement, more on that in the coming days. What better way to mark the occasion than for me to start another blog? I think all my other failed blog attempts stem from not loving the topics (or lack thereof) I was talking about. There was no central theme and of course I am a theme girl and everything has to have a purpose or reason. It comes in handy with my day job I think, you know, being a planner and all. But my friends have been hounding me to come back to blogland so now I feel like I have a purpose to be here: making our house into a home (and all that jazz in between).

We have been in the process of buying this house for about 2 months now, I take that back, we first stepped foot in our *new* home back in January, I just had super cold feet about making such a HUGE purchase so it took me awhile to warm those tootsies up. Any who I immediately loaded my RSS feed with tons of DIY home d├ęcor bloggers that inspire, create, and are all on the thrift. I knew when I grew up (in a few short months) with my very own house keys, I wanted to be just like them. So here I am, with those keys in my hand, growing up, creating, hopefully inspiring, and definitely thrifting in “The Thrill of Huntsville.”

I got the name for my lovely new *bloggie* home from my very favorite nail polish. I laid my eyes on OPI’s Thrill of Brazil, back in 2007, I might have even drooled just a tad as the lovely nail lady was painting on the gorgeous red lacquer. That day my whole life changed, well at least my nails’ life changed, but I like to think my own did as well. Since that fateful day, my nails have always been red, but not just any red, “The Thrill of Brazil.” I will admit that I’ve cheated on her a few times, for OPI’s Big Apple Red or even once a ghastly PINK (that was my mama’s fault) but I always regretted it almost immediately. For the last 4 years and many more to come, you will always find me with “The Thrill of Brazil” on my fingers! How fitting that Brazil and my lil ol’ town of HuntsVILLE rhyme! It’s fate I tell you, just fate.

I love to write and am excited to take you all along with me as I itch this creative bug in me. Hope you enjoy it, welcome to the world lil ol’ blog of mine!

Here is AOK with the keys to the house after the closing. He’s so cute & excited.