Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Affair

I of course woke up extra early this morning to take part in history. I laughed, cried, and just felt so happy for the new royal couple. Here are some of my fave pictures from the event.

Here comes the McQueen: Holy cow the dress was breathtaking. I loved that it wasn't too over the top but still royal. Kate definitely stuck to who she was even as a royal bride. She looks like she's giving a thumbs up saying "Let's do this!" with an appropriate British accent of course!

"You Look Beautiful": This was my favorite part of the event. Will looks at his bride and can't help but comment on her beauty, you can see that she is just beaming. I hope all brides get this moment.

Just Married!: They both look like they've just won the lottery.

"Kiss, Kiss!": I love this picture because you can just see the happiness the two of them feel.
Melts my heart...

AOK and me have two weddings to attend tomorrow. We are looking forward to them both. When I went to an event planning conference in January they taught me to find inspiration for color, theme, etc., all over the place. This royal wedding and the weddings this weekend, I'm sure, will inspire me in some way! Tomorrow I have an amazing score to share with you guys! Have a royally happy Friday!

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