Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poor Baby Jett

But score for the new house, who needs a name, hmm....

I went to Target Thursday to buy a wedding present for one of the weddings we are going to today and couldn't help but do my usual browsing for myself of course...

A few weeks ago I scored on some leather bar stools for only $13 each so I knew they've been allowing me to afford clearancing their items pretty well. You have to know how to walk the walk at Target and I definitely have walked that walk a time or two.

As I was looking for a wedding present furniture for us, I spotted the PERFECT bookshelf to go in our new kitchen. What what what red clearance sticker??? WHAT? $17 marked down from $69.99? GET IN MY BASKET!!
The box for this was bigger than my basket, but I managed, all by myself. You see, I couldn't call AOK, he's forbidden me to buy anything right now until we move in because we are running out of room to put stuff. He keeps telling me to wait until we are in the house, but all I hear is blah blah blah!

I round the corner and WAIT what was that?? A TV Stand to match?? RED STICKER ALERT, RED STICKER ALERT! $45.99 marked down from $199.99? GET IN MY BASKET!! Oh wait, there's no more room in my basket because of the END TABLES that match too RED STICKERED to $21.99 from $89.99.

Oh, excuse me sir, Mr. Target worker, could you please help me? I want to buy all this and it won't fit in my basket. Sure no problem, he says, what kind of car do you drive, I will help you bring it out.

Oh, yeah, about that, I drive a Jetta (affectionately called Baby Jett by me and those that love her). But she's empty and we can lay her seats down!

Oh yea, we made it work...
There is also a box of an End Table in the front seat...

AOK is going to KILL me, but I was absolutely NOT going to call him to come load this up, especially since it was forbidden fruit.

We are basically starting from scratch on furniture, which is fun, but expensive at the same time. Can't wait to show you guys the house and our plans for it. I'll introduce you to it over the next few posts.

In the meantime, any furniture scores for you guys? Anyone have a suggestion for a house name? I'm all about naming stuff!

Happy Weekend!

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