Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome Little Bloggie

Well, we did it! On April 15, 2011 we bought our very own home for the first time. To say we are in love with the house is an understatement, more on that in the coming days. What better way to mark the occasion than for me to start another blog? I think all my other failed blog attempts stem from not loving the topics (or lack thereof) I was talking about. There was no central theme and of course I am a theme girl and everything has to have a purpose or reason. It comes in handy with my day job I think, you know, being a planner and all. But my friends have been hounding me to come back to blogland so now I feel like I have a purpose to be here: making our house into a home (and all that jazz in between).

We have been in the process of buying this house for about 2 months now, I take that back, we first stepped foot in our *new* home back in January, I just had super cold feet about making such a HUGE purchase so it took me awhile to warm those tootsies up. Any who I immediately loaded my RSS feed with tons of DIY home d├ęcor bloggers that inspire, create, and are all on the thrift. I knew when I grew up (in a few short months) with my very own house keys, I wanted to be just like them. So here I am, with those keys in my hand, growing up, creating, hopefully inspiring, and definitely thrifting in “The Thrill of Huntsville.”

I got the name for my lovely new *bloggie* home from my very favorite nail polish. I laid my eyes on OPI’s Thrill of Brazil, back in 2007, I might have even drooled just a tad as the lovely nail lady was painting on the gorgeous red lacquer. That day my whole life changed, well at least my nails’ life changed, but I like to think my own did as well. Since that fateful day, my nails have always been red, but not just any red, “The Thrill of Brazil.” I will admit that I’ve cheated on her a few times, for OPI’s Big Apple Red or even once a ghastly PINK (that was my mama’s fault) but I always regretted it almost immediately. For the last 4 years and many more to come, you will always find me with “The Thrill of Brazil” on my fingers! How fitting that Brazil and my lil ol’ town of HuntsVILLE rhyme! It’s fate I tell you, just fate.

I love to write and am excited to take you all along with me as I itch this creative bug in me. Hope you enjoy it, welcome to the world lil ol’ blog of mine!

Here is AOK with the keys to the house after the closing. He’s so cute & excited.

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