Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Roses: 7.21.11

Wow- this week has FLOWN by. My entire summer really has. We've been working in Superman (AOK likes Spiderman better) mode to get the house ready for AOK's birthday bash this weekend. Knowing I was going to write this post tonight made me really stop for a sec and reflect on the week. We are so blessed and I am so blessed to have an AOK. He fills my heart with lots of love and mows the grass in really good straight lines!

My Thursday Roses tonight is all about our impromptu "date night" this past Sunday. We have friends coming in and out of our house all the time, we go from place to place to place and sometimes it feels like we never stop moving. Sometimes we forget to stop and smell... well, each other? hahahah that sounds horrible, but it's so true. We had to run to the Depot on Sunday & decided to eat dinner out. Where we ate just so happened to be right next door to a gas station that my boss kept telling me had the neatest "dessert" at. AOK and me checked it out:

You pick out your milk shake, already in your milkshake cup from the freezer. AOK got Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, I got cookies & cream. Then you...
 put it under the machine & select the thickness you want your milkshake, how cool is that?? Then it takes it up to I'm not sure where to blend away!!!

Here is the cow jumping on a pogo stick making my milkshake super yummmmmmmy!!

They had all these cute sayings on the screen while it was blending, by the time it came out you wanted it so badly!

It was the perfect (sort of) date night. It wasn't fancy it was just him & I and lots of laughs. I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

Have any of you seen this neat milkshake machine? Any Thursday Roses from the week you'd like to share?

Happy Thursday!

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