Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Valspar Virtual Makeover

So, have you ever wanted to “try on” a color before actually painting it on something? I change my mind constantly because I’m not exactly totally sure what the end result is going to be. This is not the case anymore. Valspar’s website to save the day!

Did you know you can upload your own pictures to Valspar’s website and virtually paint your room, cabinets, mailboxes, heck even your hair color?! I’m in love, it’s totally helping me “try on” some paint colors. Here’s my little tutorial on my most recent virtual paint session. I need your help deciding too! (click on the pictures to make them larger)

First- Open up the Valspar website and under Explore Colors, select Virtual Painter.

Next- Upload a photo of your room or whatever you want to change the color of…

I want to change the color of the shutters on the front of our house plus the mailbox to “match.” The brownish orange tan rust color really dates our house I think and we kind of have a modern thing going on. Here are a couple of pictures of the front to give you an idea:

I also will end up painting the front door as well. It’s been a dream of mine to have a red front door & figure the shutters/mailbox have to go together. But I’m also digging blue right now and color in general so I wanted to do a full researched virtual paint session. Valspar has a bajillion paint colors to choose from.  In the upper left hand corner you can select different color groupings to pick your one color to paint your picture. See here:
When I first went to paint the shutters this is what happened:
So I had to use the selection tool to draw my paintable area. I just selected the entire shutter to paint and drew a rectangle around it using this tool option shown below. Just make sure to completely close your shape so that only the inside will be filled with paint:
Then just filled in my selection with various paint colors. Which is your favorite?



Definitely could use your help deciding because AOK told me to just leave it a lone & that "plain is better!" Have you used a tool like this before? Can’t wait to do this project. I think I will add a planter box under the window too, to make it a little more homey!
Happy HUMP day!

Hookin' Up over at House of Hepworths today. Allison by far has one of my favorite home blogs. I feel like I know her so well and feel closer to her because we both live in Texas :-D Go Texas Girls!


  1. Heya it's Whit Ward :o) As much as I love red and blue (love, love!) I think the grey actually looks best with the morter/grout(I think that's what it's called that holds the brick together, ha!). Your house is so cute! Good job girl (and Andy)!

  2. What about white shutters and a red door? You could paint the mailbox pole and flag red too! That way there is not too much red but a nice update and a pop of color!

  3. I really like the blue, but I also like Audra's idea above. I think it would look nice to keep the shutters neutral (white, gray, black, tan) and then add a pop of color on the door. Whatever you decide, have fun!

  4. This is so cool! I like the blue, but also the red :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and from a fellow Texas girl!

  5. Try black shutters with your red door. Happy painting!


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