Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday Roses: 7.28.11

We've been recouping around these parts. Not only ourselves, but the house too. I forget about the clean up job that comes with partying at your own casa. We had about 35 friends and family over this past Saturday to celebrate AOK turning 25. Yes, we're babies compared to the blogger world, but we like it that way!

I totally got to splurge a little Saturday night to ensure I could enjoy the party. We decided to not go totally crazy with decor because it would "outshine" the house & a lot of people were seeing the house for the first time. Secondly, I had the food catered. I have an awesome relationship with ARAMARK, our on campus caterer, because of my job. They went above and beyond for me and the money spent was so worth it. I didn't have to worry about cooking a THING and *bonus* they set everything up for me! It's the (only) way to go people.

I'm thankful for AOK and his 25 years. The party was a success, here are just a few pictures from the night:

There was one thing I found on Pinterest that I just had to do for AOK. Here was my inspiration via Martha Stewart. I made AOK's '25' out of the things he loves. Once I put it on the wall, I realized most of those involved wheels. I think it turned out super cute (click on it to make it larger!) 

 Here is half of our lovely covered patio. It's a massive space, in fact, we have 3 tables, a bar, a grill, a treadmill, recycling bins, anddd a hot tub all underneath it. These are the chairs and table I redid last week. Can't wait to show you the before and afters next week!

 Here is the bar area that I did up. AOK does not like a lot of fuss, so I went with black, white, and green (Kawasaki colors) for the party. In the middle is my famous Sangria. Maybe sometime I'll share the recipe. It will blow your mind. Girls request it when I come to parties.

AOK's family enjoying the party. I love that our fireplace is also extra seating in the living room!

Here he is about to open my big ol' present. He's so cute- I love this picture!

Red Bull fridge! Is that not perfect gift for a dirtbike/bmx/minibike/RC car/zooma rider's man cave workshop? I found it on Craigslist for a STEAL! He loved it, there is a case of Red Bull already in it, thanks to my sister!

AOK teaching Meredith how to ride the mini- she only crashed into the fence & let it flipout, no biggie!

AOK's mama made birthday cupcakes, they were GO BEARKAT Orange! :)

This was at the end of the night- I was exhausted! Happy Birthday to my favorite person in the world. Can't wait to spend another 25 of your years with you! :) (There's a glimpse of our kitchen behind us, I'll be revealing that next week as well!!)

Sorry for the picture filled post! It was such a fun weekend and I wanted to share the roses!

Be back tomorrow!

PS: I'm Hookin' up again over at House of Hepworths who seriously is in my top 3 favorite blogs. AND she totally made me blush last week by commenting on my Valspar post. It made me feel OH so special and like I've interacted with a celebrity. Oh, how I love the blog world! :)

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