Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Roses: 8.11.11


AOK and me totally dig The Jersey Shore. Remember the Situation bobble head from here? I know what you're thinking, but all you haters out there probably haven't even watched an episode. Because if you had, you would get sucked in with the amount of serious roll on the floor laughing that ensues each week. Last week, the Season 4 opener broke MTV records with some 6.5 million viewers. Well, here are two right here, and proud of it!

For my Thursday Roses this week, I thought about the laughing that goes on in this house & the tradition. Last Thursday we decided to eat out, since we were out & about, we tried out Vero's Italian Kitchen. Holy Cow, A-mazing! AOK had a brick oven pizza, I had pasta in bolognese sauce (my fave). Bolognese sauce truly makes me go weak in the knees. Just thinking about it right now makes my heart happy. Fitting though right? Vero's Italian Kitchen on the night our favorite Italians (besides my family of course) debuted their newest season.

I grabbed some last minute groceries today and came home to make dinner. As I'm stirring my sugo (sauce) it donned on me. Spaghetti tonight? Another Italian Thursday? Looks like we have a tradition on our hands.

Does your family have any quirky traditions like our newly started Jersey Italian Thursdays? This is just a little thing that makes our Thursdays a little more fun. Stopping and smelling those roses- laughing with one another.

We are t-minus 3 minutes away from our guidos/guidettes. I'll leave you with this adorable picture of AOK & Sam I took this week. AOK got a (much needed) haircut- LOVE!

Happy Thursday!

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