Thursday, May 26, 2011


HOLY COW! Where have the last 20 days since I last posted go? I blinked and here we are on May 26th. Let me see, the end of my LAST Spring semester as a graduate student, full of tests, projects, and finals. BLAH! I was so ready for the semester to be over and now it is. I am only taking summer school the first session then in July AOK and me can just relax and enjoy the house THAT WE MOVED INTO THIS WEEK! Well started I should say, there are still boxes all over the place & lots still in our apartments. It's a long process but it's looking better and better! We both could not be more thrilled to finally be in the house. It feels like home... it is home. Can't wait to really start on my projects for the house and show you guys! As a young couple we definitely are on a budget and I never knew how much fun thrifting and making "rocks" into "diamonds" could be.

Last week AOK's parents took us to VEGAS! It was my first time to go and we got to spend a whole week exploring the fabulous town! One of those days we made our way to the Grand Canyon. A Hummer picked us up at 6:15am and drove us to Arizona to see what I think is one of life's special treats. If you have not been, you have to go. It's pure amazingness. I had been before a few years ago but never like this. We took a HELICOPTER ride INTO the Grand Canyon where there was a boat waiting for us to cruise along the Colorado River. I've never experienced anything like it. We had a blast. Well, I have to admit, the helicopter ride totalllllly freaked me out a bit. I had to sit in the front seat, all by myself, looking at all the controls, freaked out that if I moved my knee even the slightest bit to the right I probably would blow the thing up. Not to mention the wind tossed us all around the sky. I seriously talked to God the entire time. AOK and the sweet couple from Norway who joined us laughed at me the whole time. On the way back to Vegas we stopped at the Hoover Dam and saw (and rode over) the new bridge that was built. It was a fantastic day and it definitely was a memory maker. I never will forget it. Here are a few pictures from our trip, be looking for some house projects coming up in the next couple of days!

Fabulous indeed!

TAGGED to sit in the front seat! The smile on my face is because I have no idea what being in the front seat really means just quite yet...
 We just landed from the ride down... I think you can see the stress on my face a little. Right after this picture was taken and I told AOK how freaked out I was, he reminded me the only way out is to get back on! AHH!

I have no words...

Ok... this made it totally worth it. Look at the view.

Back in Vegas, AOK's celebrity siting. Ton from Auction Hunters on Spike. Ton was so nice! AOK was so happy!

The pool at the Monte Carlo (where we stayed) that we only got to use on FRIDAY! For a whole week Vegas was in the 50's and RAINED! Total fluke, but our day at the pool on Friday was so enjoyable, to me, that is what vacation is all about!

This is at The Venitian, it was my second favorite place. I'll talk about my favorite place in Vegas in another post as AOK and me are experimenting on something that hopefully I can brag about!

It was definitely a much needed vacation. I realized I had never taken a week off work for an actual vacation ever! AOK and his family are just as fabulous as Vegas was! Kayli and me get to go to Rome next year with my cousin and her husband! Another memory maker! What are some of your memory making vacations?

I'm back, for real!

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