Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Sickness.

I got hit with the sickness pretty hard recently, in fact it's lasted a couple of months. I know, you know, what I am talking about. The sleepless nights wondering if I should DIY my striped curtains or buy them, the thrill of awaiting an email answer from a Craigslist offer, waking up before 7am on a Saturday morning to score old junk, even digging through a "trash" pile to find a treasure. Oh I've done it all, in spirit of my new hobby. I love turning trash to treasure by refurbing cheap & ugly furniture.

My first fever broke a few months ago when my lil sis, Kayli and I went to some garage sales at the crack of dawn. She hated me for it but I kept feeding her gallons of Diet Coke and it made it ok. We were about to give up without ANY purchases for the day when I spotted one last yellow sign with arrows. We followed and I found this little baby for $5:

Kayli had just moved into her apartment and her desk needed a chair. It was like God knew that if I was ever going to drag Kayli to a garage sale again He better give her a good score. Thank you, Lord!

Anywho, the chair was HORRID, the picture makes it actually look better than it did in person. I cannot even describe to you the color it was and the faux spray paint texturing that was on it. It was just awful.

We headed to the fabric store and I bought her a yard of fabric for under $5 with a coupon. I thought she I could use scraps to maybe make a pillow or something. Kayli's room is hot pink and lime green so here is what we came up with:

We saved this chair's life- it would have been thrown away, I promise you or even worse, tortured to spend another day in those shoes. Kayli wanted to take the chair back and show the garage sale people what we did. She was so happy and so was I, oh yeah except for the sickness. I blame the sickness on this chair. I had so much fun and can't wait to show more projects off. I wish I knew to take pictures while we were "in the process" but never thought about it. Oh but I will now, for my blogger buds! I also will use a camera other than my phone- it's just so convenient!

Here it is in her room in all her glory. We still need some wall decor.

I am linking up to my FIRST ever blog at Thrifty Decor Chick's Before & After Party. So exciting, it's a monumental day for this young blog. Thrifty Decor Chick was the very first DIY decor blog I happened onto so it's exciting for me to share my first linky project with her even if she doesn't neccesarily see it! :-D
Wish me luck!

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  1. Cameron - thanks for stopping by my blog! I am hoping to post the "lessons learned" tonight or tomorrow, so hopefully those will come in handy too!

    Your chair is SO cute! I want to refinish a chair, but the fabric part really freaks me out. I'm sure it's not as hard as it looks, so I need to buck up and give it a try. :)


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