Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I do... well, they do.

A day off from work sure gets me in the mood to get organized at home. The house, my car, our budget, my workouts got on a regimen yesterday, I will share more about that throughout this week.

I first want to stop and thank each one of our military personel for fighting for our country & freedom. Both AOK and I have friends & family who have served or are currently serving our country. Memorial Day is not only a day of fellowship but rememberance as well. Thank you for all you do & God Bless America! We enjoyed our day yesterday at our new home grilling out with friends.

My weekend was FULL of weddings, again! My cousin Matt married the perfect girl this weekend, we are so lucky to welcome Crystal to the family! I've gotten to know her more and more over the past year as I have been there through a lot of the wedding planning process. I helped her with her invitations and stationary needs as well as provided day-before and day-of help! I couldn't help but notice how happy she was all day. It seriously spoke to my heart to see how much love there was between the two of them. All brides deserve a catch (well, he is most of the time) like my cousin, Matt. Here is a few pictures I snapped from their FABULOUS day!

Look at him looking at her, who knew he could grow up to be so sweet? :-D

Her dress was seriously TO DIE FOR!

I joked with her about her wedding being "blinged out" and her cake was no different! Perfection!

I also attended my former roomie, Nicole's wedding day on Sunday evening! She was beautiful and the venue was out of this world gorgeous! If you are a bride in the Conroe/Huntsville/Montgomery area you have to check out Crystal Springs in Magnolia, I was amazed. I sadly did not snap any pictures as my camera died on me, I did notice her photographer tagged her in a sneak peak on Facebook, so I'm stealing one of those!

Aren't the trees amazing? I thought this picture was gorgeous! I hope they get a large print and add it to their mantle, at least that is what I would do! :-D

There are 3 weekends a year that I'm not allowed to mess with in the world of AOK. This just happened to be one of them so I went to the weddings stag! He had a great time with his friends camping out at a dirtbike race. With this Texas heat I was glad I had other plans!

Congrats to both newlyweds! They are both on their honeymoons sipping on drinks with umbrellas (maybe even out of a coconut) on the beach! Jealous much? Yes, I am.

Tonight, I might make a fancy drink to make me feel better.

Come back tomorrow to hear all about my new bootcamp!

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