Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Roses: 6.09.11

Lots of buzz is stirring at our house (finally)! I've managed to start on some projects AND almost finish them! I cannot wait to share!

I've been reminded a couple of times this week how blessed/happy I am. When you work hard and you keep your heart open good things can happen. I've been trying to catch up with a friend of mine and she text me that she was sorry & not ignoring me but has been super busy lately going 90 MPH. I love Morgan for the fact that we can understand eachother in that sometimes life gets in the way and we get overwelmed, especially at work. She's going through a time like that right now. It made me remember something that was said at my aunt second mama's funeral a little over a year ago. We have to stop and smell the roses. No matter what pressure, stress, overwelmingness, whatever comes we have to remember we are only here for a short time and that life can and will EAT YOU UP if you let it! She attended the funeral last year and all I had to say was, "don't forget about the roses" and she instantly remembered.

In honor of this sentiment & my aunt Kathy, on Thursdays on this here blog I am going to share a few of my roses of the week. You can compare them to Andy Cohen's Mazel of the Week on his Bravo TV show. Does anyone else love this show as much as I do? I'm a Bravo nerd, what can I say?

Thursday Roses for this week:
  • Dinnner at home: AOK and me have made a pact to not eat out during the week and to cook at home. We have a GORGEOUS kitchen & awesome grill outside so we really do not have a reason to go out during the week at all. We not only save money but make memories of cooking in our own home. On Tuesday night this week, we made fish sticks, mac and cheese, and veggies! So gourmet right? Usually, I try out new recipes or try to do something semi-fancy, but this meal totally made us both smile. It's the little things right?
  • Meredith: My bff is coming to Huntsvegas this weekend so we can do a little shopping around H-Town for the house! Be prepared for a full post next week outlying our shenanigans! Can't wait to spend some long over due time with her!
  • Sam aka Boo Boo: In my last post, I mentioned that Sam the dog was coming to live with us. It has been so fun to have a dog, that's already trained, around the house. He is turning into a man dog and would much rather be outside in the shop with AOK than cooking inside with me. He's so loveable and his favorite thing to do is crawl on AOK's pillow when he's not looking. I get excited to see him when I pull into the driveway!
Hope you all are having a great week, don't forget about those roses! Care to share what yours are this week?

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