Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Roses: 6.16.11

 Thursday Roses for the week:
  • A/C: Holy Cow is it not stinking hot outside? My office becomes an igloo throughout the day- to the point I have to go sit outside to thaw out for a few minutes. Instead of complaining everyday, I should be thankful my work even has an A/C!
  • My creativity: I've been stressing about putting the house together & helping to plan a Bachelorette party this weekend I forget how fun this is for me. My friend pointed out today that if I took away school this summer I would be having so much fun- she was right. When I'm working on my fun projects I need to stop and remember how much I enjoy it and not look at as a burden!
  • Fleas: Sam (Boo Boo) loves the yard but he picked up some fleas outside. It's been so frustrating to deal with honestly, I blame myself, feel bad, makes me think I don't take care of Sam, but AOK reminded me that Sam has them because he is loving running around outside while AOK is working in his shop. Sam never really got to play outside unattended before. Sam is LIVING IT UP! So i'm not going to be so frustrated about it anymore!
Have a great weekend ya'll.

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